Add the customers’ demanding functionality to the machine parts including large-size rolls and metal plates by utilization of our surface finishing technology.



Nomura Plating C., Ltd. classifies its product examples who has thoroughly developed and manufactured from design, to large-size machining, assembly, surface finishing, polish, test and measurement, into four categories, herewith, namely “PRODUCTS”, “INDUSTRY”, “SURFACE FINISHING” and “ADDED FUNCTIONS”. You are requested to search for the product in which you have interest out of those four categories.



Product examples which Nomura Plating has designed and manufactured are shown here. Key points during the production stage (focusing on large-size machining and surface finishing) of industrial rolls, super-large-size drum rolls φ4,000 and long-size metal plates are explained here. Examples of advanced equipment parts are also shown here.

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While Nomura Plating daily carries out surface finishing which add large-size machining and functionality, it introduces here the VE suggestion examples that have satisfactorily contributed to the customers including “Suggestions to achieve the cost reduction by reviewing the design drawings” and “Suggestions to resolve the product quality problems by changing the product shapes and surface finishing.

  • Designing technology of rolls to reduce production cost.
  • Designing technology of rolls to improve the quality and function.
  • Designing technology of rolls to slash manpower consumption frequency of maintenance.
  • Designing technology aiming cost down in machining and surface finishing.
  • Designing technology to improve quality of machining and surface finishing.
  • Other designing technology of VA / VE.


Nomura plating who operates “Large-size Machining + Surface” started its surface finishing business from the year 1916 and now operates its plants located in Osaka, Hyogo, Hiroshima, and Tochigi prefectures respectively. The Company has developed its original technology and maintains variety of machinery to meet with large-size rolls and metal plates.

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Nomura Plating Co., Ltd. has long assisted customers’ manufacturing by means of providing quality plating technology from its foundation of the year 1916, true to its company name Plating. The “Large-size Machining +Surface” is a form to launch information consisted of including quality improvement of machine parts durability and abrasion resistance processed by its surface finishing that the Company has acquired through long business operation. This site expects to be of any value or assistance to readers who access this site.

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“Large-size Machining + Surface” introduces the daily  activities of Nomura Plating Co., Ltd. who operates this site. You are invited to the following site for the information of the product examples and VE suggestion examples as well as common questions frequently received and technical term collection to be up-dated from time to time.
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